What is SMTP?

What does SMTP stands for? It’s the contraction of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and defines the method that handles the process of email exchange and delivery across IPs.

To put it simply, when you send a message to a friend using a mail client, it’s picked by an outgoing server (called SMTP server) which starts a conversation with your friend’s incoming one.

During this process the machines “talk” SMTP: the protocol provides a standard, reliable set of guidelines to make servers identify themselves and communicate to understand who is the sender, who the recipient, where the content must go etc. In a few words, how to properly deliver the email (and also take care of possible issues).

Any normal email provider (like Gmail or Hotmail) has an associated SMTP server or SMTP host devoted to the message delivery process. It’s important to underscore, however, that only a professional SMTP service provider like BDWEB IT ensures a highest rate of delivery, taking care that all your emails get to the inbox.

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