What is an outgoing mail server?

Choosing the right outgoing mail server is essential when it comes to email marketing; but not only that. In fact, anytime you send an email (even a simple line to a coworker or a friend) you rely on such machine – which is also and more often called, since it “talks” the SMTP protocol, SMTP server.

To put it simply, an outgoing mail server takes care of the delivery process of your emails, transferring them from your client or webmail to another computer – the inbound server – where the recipient can pick it up. It’s more or less like a digital mailman.

That is why it’s always necessary to configure an outgoing mail server when you use a mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, providing the right server name, the right port and all the other settings:


Just one crucial thing: if you need to send out a bulk email like a newsletter or an offer to a large quantity of addresses, you should never use a common SMTP server like the ones associated to free email providers (Gmail, Yahoo…).

The reason is simple. As they are not structured to handle mass mailings, they put a limit to the number of recipients you can manage per email. Plus, you will surely get delivery problems: the vast majority of your messages will be simply filtered out by the ISPs and incoming servers.

Thus, remember: to send multiple or bulk emails, always rely on a professional outgoing server like BDWEB IT SMTP Service.