How to convert an Addon Domain to a Primary Domain in Cpanel?

By doing few easy steps Learn How to convert an Addon Domain to a Primary Domain in Cpanel?

  1. The latest release, the cPanel team has added an excellent feature where an addon domain now can be converted to a primary domain easily.
  2. Login to WHM with root user
  3. Once logged in on your left hand side pane search for the option of “Transfers” and click on “Convert Addon Domain to Account” option.
  4. On your right hand side, you will now see the list of addon domains hosted on your server. You can search the addon domain that you want to convert to a primary domain from search/filter window.
  5. Select the addon domain that you want to convert, then click on “Convert” button.
  6. On the next screen, type in the contact email for the new account, as well as select the package that you want to assign for this new account. You can nomrally leave the option of “Preserve Account Ownership” as is.
  7. Scroll down until you see “Selection details” for the addon domain. The conversion process will select all the data , DNS records ,emails , database , subaccounts and FTP accounts and will copy them into a primary account. You can customize the selection by clicking on “Configure” button.
  8. Scroll down a bit and click on “Start Conversion” button.
  9. On the next screen you can see that the conversion is being processed.  The time require for conversion will be depend on the data size, number of Email accounts, FTP Accounts ,Sub domains, etc..
  10. The conversion process is done.
  11. If you click on “Details” button you can the complete information about the conversion process.
  12. In order to verify if the conversion was done successfully, on the left hand side menu click on “List Accounts” and you should see the new primary domain account.
  13. You are done.#cpanel #addon_domain #cheap_cpanel_hosting_provider #cpanel_tutorial.