How to increase /tmp size and secure

For shared hosting, big /tmp partition is recommended. If /tmp is too small then you may face /tmp full issue. How to increase /tmp partition in cpanel First stop cpanel, apache, mysql services. /etc/init.d/cpanel stop /etc/init.d/httpd stop /etc/init.d/mysql stop Now unmount /tmp and /var/tmp umount -l /tmp umount -l /var/tmp Move /usr/tmpDSK file to another … Read more

Restart service using SSH on cPanel Server

Use service $servicename restart Replace the $servicename with the one you need. List below. eg: service httpd restart exim (Exim mail transfer agent (MTA).) named (BIND nameserver daemon.) proftpd (ProFTP FTP server daemon.) pureftpd (Pure-FTP FTP server daemon.) httpd (Apache web server daemon.) courier (Courier mail server daemon.) dovecot (Dovecot mail server daemon.) syslogd (System … Read more

“Service Status” in WHM not showing all services

If you have Linux cPanel/WHM servers and sometimes you will face “Service Status” in WHM not showing all services.  So how we can show all important services in Service Status page? No problem, we need to edit chkservd.conf file. Login to your server using ssh with root privileges. Then open file using your favorite editor like … Read more