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How can import from Text Based File

You can import recipients from text based files such as TXT, CSV and similar files.

Just choose which file you wish to import recipients from, what delimiter character that seperates the fields in the file, and if whether the first row in the file is the header for the columns, e.g. if the file looks like this with the header as the first line:

John,Doe,[email protected]
Jane,Doe,[email protected]
Peter,Doe,[email protected]

Note: The recipients are not actually added to the recipient group itself and saved when importing from a text file. They rely on the text file you chose, and are always retrieved from the file. This makes it possible to always extract the newest version of the recipients from your text file.

To refresh the recipient groups you've chosen and retrieve the latest recipients after you've chosen the recipient groups, you can click on the blue "refresh" icon next to the "To email groups" field on the main window.

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