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Sending email from your BDWEB IT SMTP account is easy with Email Sender Deluxe. Simply create a new email account in Email Sender Deluxe with the following information:

From Email: Your BDWEB IT SMTP User Name
Delivery Method: SMTP Server
SMTP Server: BDWEB IT SMTP Given Hostname/IP
SMTP Port: 587
Use authentication: Yes (checked)
Username: Your BDWEB IT SMTP User Name is your Username
Password: Your Password
Use SSL connection on server: Yes (checked)

After setting up your account like above, it should work to send email using your BDWEB IT SMTP.

Note: You have to send from your BDWEB IT SMTP when using the BDWEB IT SMTP server, it will not work to send from a different email address. You should also know that BDWEB IT SMTP has a limitation that only allows you to send about which package you order thats daily limit. If you exceed this limit you will start getting errors and you will not be able to send any more emails that day using this SMTP server.

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