MOJO Mail tells me Inappropriate ioctl for device Print

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When moving hosts MOJO mail may break due to server changes. Here is one example of an error you have see:

couldn't tie /home/printing/public_html/DADA/dada_lists/mj-upe for reading: Inappropriate ioctl for device at /DADA/MailingList/Settings/ line 91.

First attempt to run the db_upgrade utility on the archive file like
db_upgrade /path/to/database

If that does not work try to edit the file with the following changes:

BEGIN { @AnyDBM_File::ISA = qw(DB_File GDBM_File NDBM_File ODBM_File SDBM_File) }


BEGIN { @AnyDBM_File::ISA = qw(NDBM_File) }

This is around line 2350.

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