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To protect the integrity of our VPS services, BDWEBIT has immediately implemented a change that blocks port 25 by default. You may recognize port 25 as being the port that is commonly used by SMTP.


By requiring our users to whitelist port 25, we can provide a higher level of service to our valued clients. If you are a new client and you intend to use SMTP, after you sign up, simply send our support team a note saying that you’d like to whitelist the SMTP port. We’ll rapidly initiate the change for your VPS so that you can send and receive email from your virtual private server. Keep in mind that most of our support requests are answered within 15 minutes.


If you’re an existing customer, you may want to review the scripts that you have installed on your server. If any of them require access to port 25, you will also need to submit a support request in order to have your VPS whitelisted on our firewall.


Please note that our port 25 whitelist policy applies to all of our products, including VDS and Bare Metal.


Why Did BDWEBIT Initiate This Change?

To protect our services against abuse, we felt that it was necessary to make this change immediately. We apologize if this abrupt change has impacted your services but we are confident that this change will have a long term positive impact.


Whenever you need us, BDWEBIT is here for you. You can always send us an email at [email protected] or you may submit a support request in order to have your server added to our whitelist. If you’re currently considering BDWEBIT, we encourage you to sign up today for our Windows VPS hosting service.

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