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You will ensure that all email addresses which you relay email to through BDWEBIT SMTP are “Double Opt-In” email addresses. Other terms for “Double Opt-In” are: “Confirmed Opt-In” or “COI” and “Double Opt-In Confirmed Opt-In”.
“Double Opt-In or “Confirmed Opt-In” Defined: 
  • receiving the email address to be added to the list
  • quarantining the email address (not adding it to the mailing list)
  • sending a single email to the quarantined email address, which email requires that the owner of the quarantined email address take some affirmative step (such as clicking on a link, replying to the email, or submitting a payment) to confirm that they want their email address added to the list
  • if, and only if, the owner of the email address affirmatively confirms that they want their email address added to the mailing list, then the email address is taken out of quarantine and added to the mailing list

Note: “Double Opt-In” or “Confirmed Opt-In” is considered the best practice, or “gold standard”, if you will, and is the one that we most strongly recommend you use.  You must be able to provide confirmation of using "Double Opt-In" email addresses upon request.

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