Email Policy

You will ensure that all email and other communications generated or sent by you do not include or display any information or content that contains, promotes, references, or links to:
  • defamatory or libelous information or content
  • pornographic, sexually explicit or otherwise adult-oriented information or content
  • vulgar, obscene, profane, offensive, abusive, or threatening information or content
  • weaponry, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or explosives
  • false, misleading, inaccurate or deceptive information or content
  • unlawful or illegal information or content
  • information or content that is discriminatory, racist, or promotes violence against any individual or group;
  • infringements or misappropriations of the intellectual property rights of any third party
  • viruses or programming routines intended to damage, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or information
  • hacking, software piracy, spyware, surveillance, interception or descrambling equipment, phreaking, emulators, or illegal file sharing activity
  • alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and tobacco-related products, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • hazardous materials or hazardous substances
  • or information or content otherwise deemed unsuitable to BDWEBIT Email or harmful to the reputation of BDWEBIT Email or its affiliates, partners, customers and users.

In addition we do not permit the following commercial email content or email marketing:
  • multi-level marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • work from home, make money on online opportunities, internet lead generation etc.
  • casino or online gambling of any sort
  • foreign exchange programs and software (FOREX)
  • stock trading software
  • list selling services
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