How can i increase sending speed in Email Sender Deluxe Print

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Following this steps you can change your email sending speed on your Email Sender Deluxe.

Step 1: Open Your Email Sender Deluxe then select Options
Email Sender Deluxe Option

Step 2: Options  then go to Email Send Option.

Email Sender Delux Email Sending Options

Step 3:  Email Send Option > Send Options

Email Sender Deluxe Send Options

Step 4:   Send Options > Change your Number of send connections 3 to 5/10/20 as your smtp allow. And Change Pause after this number of emails 5 to 50/100/1000 as you prefer number allowed on your smtp. 

Email Sender Deluxe change number of email

Doing all of this Then press OK. Boom It's done. Your Email Sender Deluxe email sending speed increased. 

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