Anti Spam Policy

A notice about the use of our SMTP Services

You are responsible for any mass e-mail messages that you might send. In most cases, sending unsolicited email is a violation of the law. We are not liable for any damages or violations that may occur as a result of your actions.

We retain the right to withhold technical support and other services in case we receive complaints about your improper use of our SMTP. We warn you against sending unsolicited bulk e-mails, hijacking mail server relays, publishing incorrect or illegal information, or performing any other unlawful actions.

We never tolerate any spamming activities involving our SMTP services. Sending unsolicited e-mail messages is prohibited by the End User License Agreement and the U.S. CAN SPAM Act of the year 2004.

You MAY NOT MENTION our web site in your email messages!


This new law that came in power on 01/01/2004 strictly prohibits sending unwanted e-mail. But it allows you to send group e-mail if you obey the following rules:

  • Each message must contain the valid e-mail address of the Sender.
  • Each message must contain the unsubscription instructions.
  • Group mail must not be sent stealthily.
  • Email message must not contain any vulgar or pornographic materials.
  • The Sender must not forge information in headers.

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